Phongphan Jormsak (Goong)
Pongphan Jormsak (Goong) has been in the film industry since 1990, starting off as part of the production team of “Air America”, an American movie starring Mel Gibson.
Over the years, Goong has taken up various roles and positions, including Production Coordinator, Production Supervisor, Production Manager, Line Producer and Executive Producer.
Goong has spent many decades working on feature films and TVC shoots, as well as supervising over a hundred projects. This gives her a strong industry knowledge and an extensive experience. Not only is Goong well-versed in the art of films production, Goong has also developed administrative skill in budgeting and management control. Goong is the person to reach for if you are looking for an expert in Thailand’s films industry.
Goong’s proficiency can be seen from her responsibilities including supporting clients to receive Thailand’s “INCENTIVES MEASURE TAX REBATES”, Filming Permits, Location Permits, Work Permits and other film administrative tasks.
Goong’s responsibilities included setting up an estimated shooting budget in “Movie Magic” format (for feature films) and in “Excel” format (for TVC Shooting) and dealing with drone shooting, cars chase scenes, helicopter shooting, dealing with Military assets including weapons & explosives, local locations, local equipment hire, and of course all with incredible discounts.
Feature Films Goong has worked on include:
Air America, Return of The Lucky Stars, Changeland, Gold, No Escape, Twilight Over Burma, Hangover Part 2, River, The Man with The iron Fists, 
Funf Freunde 3, Shanghai, The 5th Wave, The Medallion, Blackbeard, Angel, Vampires: The Turning, Sniper 3, Heaven & Earth & More.
Thailand Film Incentive Measure
Thailand is one of the best Asian countries with high potential for film production. Our resourceful infrastructure is what makes Thailand become an ideal destination for international film industry. Furthermore, Thailand provides fast convenient services to obtain shooting and work permits for foreign productions. As worldwide filmmakers tend to look for countries, which offer incentives as a major factor for consideration, Thailand can attract clients with its announcement of Thailand’s film incentives starting from 2017.The first movie which could claim in tax rebate for 15% was an American movie called “Changeland” by Firestorm LLC., shooting last year (2017) as they received their rebate back in cash from Department of Tourism of Thailand. It’s such a good sign that Thailand has a policy to return the rebate back to film investors.
TV Commercials
Goong has in-depth knowledge and experience in budgeting and managing International & Multinational Television Commercials. Goong’s experience includes new formats for the internet advertising, social media marketing and mobile viewing. Goong has undertaken assignments as Executive Producer, Line Producer, Production Manager & film Coordinator.

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