Nikorn Poonperm (Nicky)

Nicky worked with the film industry more than 15 years as the 1st key hand of Gaffer. He is the top of Thai crew who have had lot of experiences on set technical as GAFFER for Hollywood movies and TVC shoots in Thailand. He has collected his experiences as a gaffer the head of lighting department, responsible for the design of the lighting plan for a production. Nicky was a gaffer in credited as chief lighting technician.

Also known as Chief Electrician, Supervising or Chief Lighting Technician, Nicky oversee all practical and technical aspects of the electrics and lighting to get the right effects. He is installing the lighting equipment and arrange the power supply. Nicky is the one of the key responsibilities is Health and Safety. He is conduct risk assessments and certify the electrical safety of the production. He will keep control of the lighting budget, and oversee the works.

Nicky (Gaffer) help to select the best lights and equipment for the production, making sure they are within budget. He is in charge of the technical work of carrying out recces, and planning and preparing the lighting installations and equipment.

Nicky – Gaffer will check the list of lighting with the Best Boy to make sure the correct equipment is ordered. He is also mediate between the lighting crew and the Director of Photography. His position the equipment, and operate the lights during filming. He chooses the lighting team, and he must aware of the legal regulations relating to working with electricity, driving, and employment.

Nicky – Gaffer act as the spokesperson for the lighting crew and help to supervise by taking care of all business and administrative matters, which places his primary focus on the shoot. It’s would say you select the best gaffer and the right person in Thailand for your project.

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