Get Smart! Dad


Chinese Reality Game Show – Thailand
Shooting period July 1-12, 2018
Name of Game Show: Get Smart Dad!
Name in Chinese: 想想办法吧爸爸
Country: Beijing, China
Director: 谢涤葵 (Xie Di Kui)
Production: Hunan Guanse Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd.
By: Youku, YinheKuyu Media, Share Media

Cast & Contestants:

  • Qi Wie
  • Nathan Scott Lee
  • Lucky
  • Athena Chu
  • Paul Won
  • Debbie
  • HuangYing
  • Cao Shuai
  • Xiao Jiu
  • Chen Feiyu


The Family Reality Show Game show is an item that emphasizes the relationship between people within the family. The story goes through the difficult journey of fatherhood, It shows the good relationship and love of father and daughter & son with different ages.

Five celebrity moms swarm to plan a vacation and all five of mom are responsible for taking the children to the mission “Finding a mother” is a test that parents prepared and it’s a family show of stars in every field you’ve never seen.

The mission “find mother” continuously for 24hrs through various locations, both atmosphere and weather. Adaptation of living and relationships of family members.

中国现实游戏展 – 泰国



  • 齐薇
  • 内森斯科特李
  • 幸运
  • 雅典娜楚
  • 保罗赢了
  • 黛比
  • 黄英
  • 曹帅
  • 小九
  • 陈飞宇





Pongphan Jormsak (Goong)
Producer / 制片人
Mobile / 手机号码 : +66 81 755 0127
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Nikorn Poonperm (Nicky)
Executive Producer / Production Supervisor / 执行制片人/制作主管
Mobile / 手机号码 : +66 62 928 5998
Email / 电子邮件地址 :

Chanon Cheablam (Bom)
Transport Co-ordinator & Maine Co-ordinator / 运输协调员兼海洋协调员
Mobile / 手机号码 : +66 87 064 8521
Email / 电子邮件地址 :

Office / 办公室


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Hang Dong, Chiangmai
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