Pongphan Jormsak (Goong)

Executive Producer
Pongphan Jormsak (Goong) has been in the film industry since 1990, starting off as part of the production team of “Air America”, an American movie starring Mel Gibson.

Over the years, Goong has taken up various roles and positions, including Production Coordinator, Production Supervisor, Production Manager, and Producer.

She has spent many decades working on feature films and TVC shoots, as well as supervising over a hundred projects. This gives her a strong industry knowledge and an extensive experience. Not only she well-versed in the art of film production, she has also developed administrative skill in budgeting and management control. She is the right person to reach if you are looking for an expert producer works in Thailand for film industry.

With her experience in feature films, she has been through both hard and easy jobs. However, Goong is an active learner, who always keep up date with the changes and challenges in film industry to ensure creativity and conscientious attitude. Her proficiency can be arranging to applies “INCENTIVES MEASUES TAX REBATES” and SHOOTING PERMIT in Thailand.

Goong also responsibilities to setting an estimated shooting budget in “Movie Magic” format (for feature films) and in “Excel” format (for TVC Shoots) and dealing with a drone shooting, car – chasing-scene, helicopter shooting, dealing with army material shoot, local locations, local equipment renting with incredible discount deals etc. Her goal essentially, is to producing the movies and helping with oversea producers to shoot movie in successful way while they shoot in Thailand.

TVC Shoot

Goong also have had experiences for part of any TVC shoots. The large number of projects she has done strengthened to her experience in film production. Further, she always learns new things from every project, she works as an appreciate to her team she taken every single moment as her mentor for her working skills. That would say Goong is the best producer who you need to work with in Thailand and of course contact to Eson Production.

Pongphan Jormsak (Goong) 自1990年以来一直从事于电影事业,始于参与制作由梅尔·吉布森主演的美国电影《飞离航道》。

多年来,Goong 担任过多种职位的工作,包括制片协管、执行制片、制片主任以及监制等。


在故事片方面有着丰富经验的她担任过种种不同难易程度的工作。然而 Goong 仍然积极学习,不断跟上电影行业的变化,迎接行业内的各种挑战,保持创新,且尽职尽责。




Goong 在电视广告影片的拍摄方面也是经验颇丰。她所参与完成的大量项目不仅丰富了她在影视制作方面的经验,她还不断地从每个项目中学到新东西。她的工作成果得到整个团队的赏识,而她本人是把工作的每时每刻都当作训练提高自身工作技巧的导师。可以说 Goong 是您在泰国共事的最佳制作人,请果断联系埃森制作。

Nikorn Poonperm (Nicky)

Nicky has been worked with the film industry more than 15 years as 1st key hand of Gaffer. He is the top of technical crew who have a lot of experiences on set for Hollywood movies and TVC shoots in Thailand.

He has collected his experiences to help to supervise by taking care of all business and administrative matters, which places his primary focus on the shoot and scheduling issues. And Nicky, he has self-confidence, an assistant, and so much responsibility that the delegate it to various department heads. In other words, he is a film executive producer and will spend lots of time being important works on the movies.

Because he is oversea the film project at large, he tasks an incredibly diverse. He makes sure everything runs smoothly from a business standpoint. This last point involves dabbling in all sorts of areas, from negotiating contracts for equipment costs, to meeting with investors.

On the whole, he is the organizing force behind the zoo that is a film set. His job involves one-off projects such as hiring the filming crew, as well as ongoing tasks like keeping all the departments in line.


Nicky 已在电影行业担任了超过15年的首席灯光指导。他是泰国片场技术人员的佼佼者,具有极丰富的经验,参与过很多在泰国拍摄的好莱坞电影和电视广告影片的制作。




Chanon Cheablam (Bom)

Transport Co-ordinator & Maine Co-ordinator

Bom was in charge for all aspects of Transportation & Marine works on the movies and TVC shoots in Thailand. He is usually hired by the Producer to work on big budget financed feature films, which shoot in different international locations. He sorts out all the logistics from finding, hire of facilities vehicles, to the movement of cast and crew to and from locations on the movies.

  • Transport Co-ordinate’s or more Transport Managers to oversee vehicles such as mobile make-up trailer and costume units’ trailer, artist’s caravans, mobile production offices trailer, or mobile toilet units (known as honey-wagons), as well HGV lorries to move props, sets and equipment. He also appoints a Transport Captain to run the daily transportation of cast and crew during a shoot.He is managing the transport budgets, makes sure vehicles are hired at competitive prices and that all costs are within budget. His role also involves setting up the production transport schedule, making sure all vehicles arrive at the right place at the right time. In the case of international shoots, he is involves overseeing the transport of cast, crew, vehicles and equipment to very remote locations – either by air or by sea. A great deal of advance planning is needed for a big budget feature shooting.
  • Marine Co-coordinator – Bom also working on the water poses great challenge from weather, tides, and the elements, which can be unpredictable and unforgiving, let his experienced Transportation & Marine Team personnel provide you with confidence, security, safety and success on your next water related ventures. You can benefit greatly from having a professional marine department on your films, commercial project, water supported operation from him.


Working on the water poses great challenges.

Predictable working on the water poses great challenges from weather, tides, and the elements, which can be unpredictable and unforgiving. Let the experienced Marine Team personnel provide you with confidence, security, safety and success on you project.

Bom 负责所有泰国电影和电视广告影片拍摄中的运输和海事方面的工作。他一般受雇于制片人,负责制作大型预算的融资电影,而这些电影的拍摄地点通常是在国外。他负责包括寻找和租用设备车辆以及演员和工作人员往返于拍摄现场等的后勤工作。

  • 运输协调员或其他运输总管负责总控车辆,包括移动化妆车,服装车,艺人保姆车,移动办公车,移动卫生间(称为肥水车或粪车),搬移道具、景片和设备工具的重型运输车辆等。除此,拍摄期间演员和工作人员的日常交通由他安排给司机组长。他负责管理运输预算,确保以有竞争力的价格雇用车辆并且把所有费用都控制在预算范围内。他的职责还包括制定运输计划,保证所有车辆能在既定的时间到达正确的地点。若有国际拍摄,他则负责通过空运或海运等途径把演员、工作人员、车辆和设备转移到较远的地点。大型预算的特色拍摄是需要大量的前期规划的。
  • 海洋协调员 – Bom也致力于因天气、潮汐和其他元素构成极大挑战的水上工作,正是这些无法预测、不允许有闪失的工作任务让他积累了丰富的运输和海上团队协作经验。因此水上项目的安全问题能放心地托付于他,他将让电影、商业项目以及水上操作的专业海洋部门高效运作。




Pongphan Jormsak (Goong)
Executive Producer / 执行制片人
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Nikorn Poonperm (Nicky)
Producer / 制片人
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Chanon Cheablam (Bom)
Transport Co-ordinator & Maine Co-ordinator / 运输协调员兼海洋协调员
Mobile / 手机号码 : +66 87 064 8521
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